With COVID-19 continuing to impact the community, our number one priority remains the health and safety of Accolade Wines staff, partners, suppliers and customers.

In light of the escalating situation, we have closed our office-based locations as of Monday 16 March and directed staff in those locations to work from home for the next 14 days. We believe this to be the right thing to do, both to protect the physical and mental health of our own community and to play our part in limiting the spread of the virus.

We have made this decision following the expert advice of governments and public health authorities in the countries in which we operate. Our actions will continue to be guided by this advice.

At this stage, we anticipate ending the shutdown on Monday 30 March. However, this is an ongoing situation and we will make decisions based on the information available at the time.

正规的体育投注appFrom an operational perspective, many of our teams in areas such as supply, production, maintenance, viticulture and winemaking have not been able to adopt these arrangements during what is one of our busiest periods of the year – vintage. These teams continue to work extremely hard and we are immensely grateful for their efforts to keep our business operations going.

We appreciate that this remains an unsettling and anxiety-provoking time for many of our staff, and have encouraged them to ask questions and seek advice from management on how best to manage during this period. We have also reminded them of how they can access our Employee Assistance Program.

Information for consumers

正规的体育投注appIn order to ensure the health and safety of our employees and customers, in response to COVID-19, we have closed our cellar doors to visitors until further notice.

The decision, effective immediately, follows advice from health authorities and the Australian and New Zealand governments as part of their responses to the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

We will work with all customers who have booked tours, tastings or events to ensure they can move their bookings or, if appropriate, receive full refunds.

正规的体育投注appCellar door customers are reminded that they can still purchase wine online from the following brand websites:

(includes House of Arras and Eddystone)

正规的体育投注appWe value your patronage and hope to welcome you again soon.

Information for customers (retailers) and suppliers

正规的体育投注appWe appreciate that the events unfolding around COVID-19 are generating uncertainty across the wider business community.

We enjoy long standing relationships with many retail customers and suppliers, and are committed to working closely with them to ensure the impacts of the virus are mitigated to the greatest extent possible.

At present there are no changes to communicate with regards to our operational sites (including supply, production and distribution), although I would like to stress that we have extensive plans and responses ready to be enacted should COVID-19 look likely to cause disruption to these, including a detailed business continuity plan.

We will continue to assess the situation on an ongoing basis and provide further updates to you as appropriate.

If you have any further questions about any part of this, please speak to your Accolade Wines representative or contact our Corporate Communications team at: corporate.communications@sti-guns.com

Anjanette Murfet

Director, People and Communications