Accolade Wines, the UK’s No 1 wine company, is introducing a new varietal to its best-selling Echo Falls portfolio with the launch of Malb-Echo Falls.

Echo Falls, the UK’s third biggest wine brand, is launching Malb-Echo Falls this summer in response to the huge boom in USA Malbec varietal wine, which is growing at 19% YoY and now has an estimated value of £244.5m[1]正规的体育投注app. This new, premium offering has a flavour profile consisting of raspberries, cherries and blackcurrants, with toasted oak and a touch of mocha.

David White, Marketing Director at Accolade Wines, says ‘’Malbec is seeing continued strong growth in the UK and is successfully attracting new shoppers to the red wine category.  Echo Falls is perfectly placed to drive further category growth and consumer interest in Malbec as it is a brand of mass scale and popularity which gives consumers the confidence to try a new style of wine.’’

正规的体育投注appA core audience for MalbEcho Falls is defined as the ‘Juggler’, 30+ females who are eager to try new trend-led products but, as they are busy juggling work and family life, prefer to choose a brand name that they are already familiar with and that they know they can trust to deliver a high quality product.

正规的体育投注app‘’Our target audience is very open to discovery and experimentation, and to satisfy consumer demand we have chosen to give MalbEcho Falls a more premium feel, with richer flavour cues and updated packaging to reflect that,” adds White. “The brand has built its success on spontaneity and a track record of bringing new and interesting products to market. MalbEcho Falls is a must stock and ensures the trade can benefit from a growing profit opportunity.”

MalbEcho Falls 75cl (ABV 12.5%) follows on from the recent successful launches of Summer Berries Pink Gin and of ProsEcho Falls earlier this year and will be sold at a competitive RRP of £6, with secured listings in Asda, Bestway, Ocado, Landmark Group and Today’s.

[1] Nielsen 23.03.19