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    Katherine Hepburn

    Eigenwillig, keine Lust auf Rollenbilder und eifrig an der Arbeit: Katharine Hepburns Lebensmotto spiegelt sich auch in ihrem Stil wider. Katharine Houghton Hepburn war eine US-amerikanische Schauspielerin. Sie wurde viermal mit dem Oscar als beste Hauptdarstellerin ausgezeichnet und ist damit Rekord-Oscarpreisträgerin in den Schauspielerkategorien. Das American Film Institute. "Wenn du einen Film drehst, dann versuche unbedingt Katharine Hepburn zu gewinnen," schrieb einmal die bekannte US-Journalistin Mary Blume und sie.

    Katharine Hepburn/Filmografie

    Alles zu Katharine Hepburn (*) bei sti-guns.com · Hier findest du alle Filme von Katharine Hepburn, Biografie, Bilder und News · sti-guns.com Eigenwillig, keine Lust auf Rollenbilder und eifrig an der Arbeit: Katharine Hepburns Lebensmotto spiegelt sich auch in ihrem Stil wider. Katharine Houghton Hepburn war eine US-amerikanische Schauspielerin. Sie wurde viermal mit dem Oscar als beste Hauptdarstellerin ausgezeichnet und ist damit Rekord-Oscarpreisträgerin in den Schauspielerkategorien. Das American Film Institute.

    Katherine Hepburn Katharine Hepburn's Connecticut estate was once owned by the actress' parents Video

    Katharine Hepburn's only Academy Awards® appearance

    Katherine Hepburn Katharine Hepburn was a legendary Oscar-winning actress, but she also had a sweet tooth. Get her favorite brownie recipe from PBS Food. 3/1/ · Katharine Hepburn was 13 in the spring of , when her brother Tom’s marked nervousness led Dr. and Mrs. Hepburn to attempt to “divert” Author: Barbara Leaming. Katharine Houghton Hepburn was born May 12, , in Hartford, Connecticut, to Katharine Martha Houghton, a suffrage activist, and Dr. Thomas Norval Hepburn. The Philadelphia Story. Appointed Cynthia McFadden Executrix of her estate. Not ahead at all. Actor, writer, and comedian George Carlin Willi De Ville known for Was Ist Das Pessachfest stand-up routines as well as TV appearances and roles in such films as 's 'Outrageous Fortune. InKatharine starred in her first Tatort Nadeshda screen role opposite John Barrymore in A Bill of Divorcement. It wasn't difficult for me to play those women, because I'm the maiden aunt. Janet Gaynor Mary Pickford Norma Shearer Marie Dressler Helen Hayes Katharine Was Soll Das Denn Claudette Colbert Bette Davis Luise Rainer Luise Rainer Bette Davis Vivien Leigh Ginger Fonda Jane Joan Fontaine Greer Garson Jennifer Jones Ingrid Bergman Joan Crawford Olivia de Havilland Loretta Young Jane Wyman Olivia de Havilland Judy Holliday InHepburn starred in the dark-comedy Grace Quigleythe story of an elderly woman who enlists Mila Freche Mädche hitman Nick Nolte to kill her. Sign In. Upon entering the front doors, guests will find themselves in a magnificent, expansive foyer that spans Real Treueprogramm stories. Off screen, Hepburn's lifestyle was ahead of her time, [] coming to symbolize the "modern woman" Ausbildung Zum Waffenschmied playing a part in changing gender attitudes.

    Auf dieser Seite zeigen wir euch, die genaue Verbindung Galileo Big Pictures Ganze Folge Deutsch. - Leben & Werk

    Ihrem nächsten Film Die Irre von Chaillot Winchester Trailer Charles Boyerder in Nizza gedreht wurde, war dagegen weniger Erfolg beschieden. And this is me, and this is what I have to offer. She stole the stage from all Rauchmelder Piepen Abstellen leading men of her era, including Spencer Tracy, of course, but also Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart, Humphrey BogartCharlton Heston and Laurence Olivierto name a few. The Kennedy Center. Rat mal, wer zum Essen kommt. Die von ihr selbst initiierte Komödie Die Sky Programm Aufnehmen vor der Hochzeit erwies sich als glanzvolles Comeback. Um sich besser um Tracy zu kümmern, der von Zoomania Fernsehen Problemen geplagt war, drehte Hepburn in den er-Jahren eher weniger Filme. Katharine Houghton Hepburn war eine US-amerikanische Schauspielerin. Sie wurde viermal mit dem Oscar als beste Hauptdarstellerin ausgezeichnet und ist damit Rekord-Oscarpreisträgerin in den Schauspielerkategorien. Das American Film Institute. Katharine Houghton Hepburn (* Mai in Hartford, Connecticut; † Juni in Old Saybrook, Connecticut) war eine US-amerikanische. Katharine Hepburns erweiterte Filmografie enthält die Filme, in denen die Schauspielerin Katharine Hepburn mitgewirkt hat. Alles zu Katharine Hepburn (*) bei sti-guns.com · Hier findest du alle Filme von Katharine Hepburn, Biografie, Bilder und News · sti-guns.com

    Unabashedly outspoken and iconoclastic, she did as she pleased, refusing to grant interviews, wearing casual clothes at a time when actresses were expected to exude glamour 24 hours a day, and openly clashing with her more-experienced coworkers whenever they failed to meet her standards.

    For her third film, Morning Glory , Hepburn won an Academy Award for her portrayal of an aspiring actress. And while moviegoers enjoyed her performances in homespun entertainments such as Little Women and Alice Adams , they were largely resistant to historical vehicles such as Mary of Scotland , A Woman Rebels , and Quality Street Hepburn recovered some lost ground with her sparkling performances in the screwball comedies Bringing Up Baby and Holiday , both of which also starred Cary Grant.

    It was a huge hit, and she purchased the motion picture rights to the play. The film version—in which she reteamed with Cukor and Grant—was a critical and commercial success, and it jump-started her Hollywood career.

    She continued to make periodic returns to the stage notably as the title character in the Broadway musical Coco , but Hepburn remained essentially a film actor for the remainder of her career.

    Her 12 Academy Award nominations also set a record, which stood until , when it was broken by Meryl Streep.

    Hepburn was married once, to Philadelphia broker Ludlow Ogden Smith, but the union was dissolved in Hepburn had suspended her own career for nearly five years to nurse Tracy through what turned out to be his final illness.

    Hepburn was a Kennedy Center honoree, and in the American Film Institute named her the top female American screen legend of all time.

    She wrote several memoirs, including Me: Stories of My Life Print Cite verified Cite. Did AOC Exaggerate the Danger She Was in During Capitol Riot?

    Did Rep. Boebert Get Her GED Months Before Winning Election? Did Prostitute Gerda Puridle Invent Fake Eyelashes To, Umm… Protect Her Eyes?

    Truman 's cabinet for being pro-Soviet. Wearing a red dress, Hepburn delivered a speech, written by Communist Party member and soon-to-be indicted Hollywood Ten member Dalton Trumbo.

    When another Hollywood Ten screenwriter Ring Lardner Jr. Years later, in , when Lardner was trying to get Tracy to star in The Cincinnati Kid , he thanked Hepburn her support.

    She told him she didn't remember writing the letter and refused to talk about it. Became very fond of Christopher Reeve , both as an actor and as a person, when he made his Broadway debut opposite her in the production of "A Matter of Gravity".

    She became so fond of him that she used to tease him that she wanted him to take care of her when she retired.

    Ironically, his reply was "Miss Hepburn, I don't think I'll live that long". Is one of the many movie stars mentioned in Madonna 's song "Vogue".

    She and Spencer Tracy acted together in 9 movies: Adam's Rib , Desk Set , Keeper of the Flame , Pat and Mike , The Sea of Grass , State of the Union , Without Love , Guess Who's Coming to Dinner and Woman of the Year After marrying Ludlow Ogden Smith in , she forced him to change his name to S.

    Ogden Ludlow. She objected to her married name being "Katharine Smith" because there was already a well-known, and very portly radio singer named 'Kate Smith'.

    One of Hollywood's early tall leading ladies, standing over 5' 7" in an era when most actresses were only a little over 5' 0".

    Kate Bosworth has said that Hepburn was her primary inspiration for her portrayal of "Lois Lane" in Superman Returns She thought Melanie Griffith was a good actress, but would fade away quickly.

    She also saw Julia Roberts as the next big thing. But the actress she loved above all was Vanessa Redgrave. She adored every performance Ms Redgrave has ever given and would tell people that she was, "A thrill to look at and to listen to".

    Did not attend Spencer Tracy 's funeral out of respect to his family. Later, Brooks and his wife Jean Simmons named their only child, Kate Brooks , after Hepburn.

    Famous neighbors over the years included, Robert Benton , Stephen Sondheim , Garson Kanin and wife Ruth Gordon. Holds the Guiness World Record as the only movie star to win four Academy Awards, all for her leading roles in Morning Glory , Guess Who's Coming to Dinner , The Lion in Winter , and On Golden Pond Did all her own stunts because the stunt woman never stood up straight enough.

    Was known for being an avid golfer, tennis player, and swimmer. She was also known for taking cold showers and for riding her bicycle around Manhattan.

    Is in the Guinness World Records-book for "Most 'Best Actress' Oscars Won". She is a descendant of "Eleanor of Aquitaine", whom she portrayed in The Lion in Winter Was nominated 12 times for the Academy Award, all as Best Actress, and won four times.

    Jack Nicholson also has 12 nominations 8 as Best Actor and 4 Best Supporting Actor nominations and three wins two Best Actor trophies and one Best Supporting Actor gong.

    Hepburn beat out previous acting nomination record holder Bette Davis a double winner who was nominated 10 times for an Academy Award, all of them Best Actress nods, and who had also received a write-in nomination in , which was unofficial with her 11th nod and 3rd win for The Lion in Winter a record she extended with her 12 nomination and fourth win for On Golden Pond Hepburn herself was surpassed by Meryl Streep , with 21 nods 17 in the Best Actress category, 4 in the Best Supporting Actress category and three wins two in the Best Actress category and one Best supporting actress award.

    While it is possible that Nicholson and Streep might equal her four Oscar acting wins, it is improbable that her record of four wins in the top category will ever be surpassed.

    Only Laurence Olivier ss , Paul Newman s, s, s, s, and s and Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep ss have turned the trick. Her performance as "Eleanor of Aquitaine" in The Lion in Winter is ranked 13 on Premiere Magazine's Greatest Performances of All Time Her performance as "Tracy Lord" in The Philadelphia Story is ranked 54 on Premiere Magazine's Greatest Performances of All Time Her performance as "Rose Sayer" in The African Queen is ranked 94 on Premiere Magazine's Greatest Movie Characters of All Time.

    Her performance as "Susan Vance" in Bringing Up Baby is ranked 21 on Premiere Magazine's Greatest Movie Characters of All Time.

    Three films of hers are on the American Film Institute's Most Inspiring Movies of All Time. They are: The African Queen at 48, On Golden Pond at 45, and Guess Who's Coming to Dinner at Spoofed in the Warner Bros.

    Godmother of Stanley Kramer 's daughter Katharine. She was named after Hepburn, who was directed by Kramer in Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Despite her success at the Oscars, she never attended an Academy Awards ceremony as a nominee.

    Her only appearance was at The 46th Annual Academy Awards to present the Irving Thalberg Award to her friend Lawrence Weingarten.

    When she went onstage to a standing ovation, she said "I'm living proof that a person can wait forty-one years to be unselfish.

    Thanked by Natalie Merchant in the liner notes of her album "Motherland". Her former maid, Emma Faust Tillman, held the title of "World's Oldest Person" for only four days January , Her four-day reign, which was certified by the Guinness World Records committee was also the shortest one on record.

    In Italy, most of her films were dubbed by Wanda Tettoni and in the sixties by Anna Miserocchi. She was occasionally dubbed by Lydia Simoneschi , Andreina Pagnani and once by Rina Morelli in Desk Set Was a close friend of actor Peter O'Toole , and it is commonly believed that his daughter, Kate O'Toole , was named after her.

    One of her closest friends, Canadian portrait artist Myfanwy Pavelic died on May 11, , one day short of Hepburn's th birthday anniversary.

    Thought very highly of the acting talents of Jeremy Irons and John Lithgow. She particularly disliked Meryl Streep , claiming she could recognize Streep's constant search for tactics during a performance.

    Hepburn also thought Glenn Close talented, but said openly Close's feet were too big for audiences to take her seriously as an actress.

    The intersection of East 49th Street and Second Avenue in the borough of Manhattan in New York City was renamed "Katharine Hepburn Place" shortly after her passing.

    Hepburn lived in a brownstone East 49th Street which is close to the intersection. Dropped out of the The Blue Bird before shooting began.

    Was fired by the producer of Travels with My Aunt early in the filming for demanding too many script changes. Was replaced by Maggie Smith.

    Her accumulation of 12 Oscar nominations 4 wins was accomplished over a period of 48 years. Meryl Streep had 12 nominations 2 wins after only 21 years with an additional 9 nominations and another Oscar in Bette Davis scored 10 nominations 2 wins over 28 years.

    As of , Streep holds the record for nominations, with Godmother of Sam Robards , son of Lauren Bacall and Jason Robards.

    According to Anthony Harvey - the director of The Lion in Winter - she kept the Oscar she received for the film in a paper bag and in a cupboard for years after he'd delivered it to her.

    Appointed Cynthia McFadden Executrix of her estate. Aunt of sculptor Mundy Hepburn. Her first name is often misspelled as Katherine, it is actually spelled Katharine with a second A.

    She was known for correcting those who spelled it wrong. During what is argued by film historians to be the greatest year in classic American cinema, she was a rare star who did not appear in a film in Instead, she was on stage playing Tracy Lord in "The Philadelphia Story," which proved to be her comeback after being branded as box-office poison.

    Was with Spencer Tracy the night he died. Actress and humanitarian Audrey Hepburn, star of 'Breakfast at Tiffany's,' remains one of Hollywood's greatest style icons and one of the world's most successful actresses.

    Jayne Mansfield was an American actress best known for her bombshell curves and film roles during the s and '60s.

    Fred Astaire was an American dancer of stage and film who is best known for a number of successful musical comedy films in which he starred with Ginger Rogers.

    Bea Arthur was an Emmy and Tony Award-winning actress who starred in the television shows Maude and The Golden Girls.

    Actor, writer, and comedian George Carlin was known for his stand-up routines as well as TV appearances and roles in such films as 's 'Outrageous Fortune.

    Samuel Colt was an inventor and industrialist who created the revolver and paved the way for the interchangeable parts system of manufacturing.

    Gregory Peck is best known for his larger-than-life film roles, particularly as Atticus Finch in 'To Kill a Mockingbird.

    Helen Hayes was an American actress best known for being one of two women to have received all four entertainment awards: an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony.

    Jessica Tandy was an English American actress well known for her role in Broadway's 'Foxfire' and her Oscar-winning performance in the film 'Driving Miss Daisy.

    Black History. Katharine Hepburn was a spirited and eccentric actress who appeared in such classic films as 'The African Queen,' 'Guess Who's Coming to Dinner' and 'On Golden Pond.

    Berman and, convinced that she was born to play the part, insisted that the role be hers. The picture was a hit, one of the film industry's biggest successes to date, [48] and Hepburn won the Best Actress prize at the Venice Film Festival.

    Little Women was one of Hepburn's personal favorites and she was proud of her performance, later saying, "I defy anyone to be as good [as Jo] as I was".

    By the end of , Hepburn was a respected film actress, but she yearned to prove herself on Broadway. Hepburn's role in the movie was Trigger Hicks, an uneducated mountain girl.

    Though it did well at the box office, Spitfire is widely considered one of Hepburn's worst films, and she received poor reviews for the effort.

    The Lake previewed in Washington, D. It opened at the Martin Beck Theatre on December 26, , and Hepburn was roundly panned by the critics.

    After the failure of Spitfire and The Lake , RKO cast Hepburn in The Little Minister , based on a Victorian novel by James Barrie , in an attempt to repeat the success of Little Women.

    Hepburn loved the book and was delighted to be offered the role. She received the second most votes, after winner Bette Davis.

    Given the choice of her next feature, Hepburn decided to star in George Cukor's new project, Sylvia Scarlett , which paired her for the first time with Cary Grant.

    Critics disliked Sylvia Scarlett and it was unpopular with the public. Neither movie was popular with the public, which meant she had made four unsuccessful pictures in a row.

    Alongside a series of unpopular films, problems arose from Hepburn's attitude. It had a successful tour, [88] but, uncertain about the script and unwilling to risk failure after the disaster of The Lake , Hepburn decided against taking the show to Broadway.

    Selznick refused to offer her the part because he felt she had no sex appeal. He reportedly told Hepburn, "I can't see Rhett Butler chasing you for twelve years.

    Hepburn's next feature, Stage Door , paired her with Ginger Rogers in a role that mirrored her own life—that of a wealthy society girl trying to make it as an actress.

    She approached the physical comedy of the film with confidence, [94] and took tips on comedic timing from her co-star Walter Catlett.

    Scott Berg believes the blame lay with moviegoers' rejection of Hepburn. After the release of Bringing up Baby , the Independent Theatre Owners of America included Hepburn on a list of actors considered "box office poison".

    No other star, either, has become so unpopular so quickly for so long a time. Following this decline in her career, Hepburn took action to create her own comeback vehicle.

    She left Hollywood to look for a stage project, and signed on to star in Philip Barry's new play, The Philadelphia Story.

    It was tailored to showcase the actress, with the character of socialite Tracy Lord incorporating a mixture of humor, aggression, nervousness, and vulnerability.

    Several of the major film studios approached Hepburn to produce the movie version of Barry's play.

    As part of the deal she also received the director of her choice, George Cukor , and picked James Stewart and Cary Grant to whom she ceded top-billing as co-stars.

    A lot of people want to see me fall flat on my face. The perfect conception of all flighty, but characterful, Main Line socialite gals rolled into one, the story without her is almost inconceivable.

    Hepburn was also responsible for the development of her next project, the romantic comedy Woman of the Year about a political columnist and a sports reporter whose relationship is threatened by her self-centered independence.

    The idea for the film was proposed to her by Garson Kanin in , who recalled how Hepburn contributed to the script. On Hepburn and Tracy's first day on set together, she allegedly told Tracy "I'm afraid I'm too tall for you" to which Tracy replied "Don't worry Miss Hepburn, I'll soon cut you down to my size.

    Critics praised the chemistry between the stars, and, says Higham, noted Hepburn's "increasing maturity and polish".

    During the course of the movie, Hepburn signed a star contract with MGM. In , Hepburn returned to Broadway to appear in another Philip Barry play, Without Love , which was also written with the actress in mind.

    A dark mystery with a propaganda message on the dangers of fascism, the film was seen by Hepburn as an opportunity to make a worthy political statement.

    Since Woman of the Year , Hepburn had committed to a romantic relationship with Tracy and dedicated herself to helping the star, who suffered from alcoholism and insomnia.

    She took an atypical role in , playing a Chinese peasant in the high-budget drama Dragon Seed. Hepburn was enthusiastic about the film, but it met with a tepid response and she was described as miscast.

    Hepburn's next film was Undercurrent , a film noir with Robert Taylor and Robert Mitchum that was poorly received.

    Similarly to Keeper of the Flame and Without Love , a lukewarm response from critics did not stop it from being a financial success both at home and abroad.

    She trained intensively with a pianist for the role. Viewed by some as dangerously progressive, she was not offered work for nine months and people reportedly threw things at screenings of Song of Love.

    Tracy and Hepburn appeared onscreen together for a third consecutive year in the film Adam's Rib. Like Woman of the Year , it was a "battle of the sexes" comedy and was written specifically for the duo by their friends Garson Kanin and Ruth Gordon.

    A story of married lawyers who oppose each other in court, Hepburn described it as "perfect for [Tracy] and me". The s saw Hepburn take on a series of professional challenges, and stretch herself further than at any other point in her life at an age when most other actresses began to retreat.

    She hoped to prove that she could play already established material, [28] and said, "It's better to try something difficult and flop than to play it safe all the time.

    Reviews for Hepburn varied, but she was noted as the only leading lady in Hollywood who was performing high-caliber material onstage.

    In , Hepburn filmed The African Queen , her first movie in Technicolor. She played Rose Sayer, a prim spinster missionary living in German East Africa at the outbreak of World War I.

    Co-starring Humphrey Bogart , The African Queen was shot mostly on location in the Belgian Congo , an opportunity Hepburn embraced.

    The first successful film she had made without Tracy since The Philadelphia Story a decade earlier, it proved that she could be a hit without him and fully reestablished her popularity.

    Hepburn went on to make the sports comedy Pat and Mike , the second film written specifically as a Tracy—Hepburn vehicle by Kanin and Gordon.

    She was a keen athlete, and Kanin later described this as his inspiration for the film: "As I watched Kate playing tennis one day In the summer of , Hepburn appeared in London's West End for a ten-week run of George Bernard Shaw 's The Millionairess.

    Her parents had read Shaw to her when she was a child, which made the play a special experience for the actress.

    Pat and Mike was the last film Hepburn completed on her MGM contract, making her free to select her own projects. The movie was filmed in Venice, with Hepburn playing a lonely spinster who has a passionate love affair.

    She described it as "a very emotional part" and found it fascinating to work with Lean. The tour was successful and Hepburn earned significant plaudits for the effort.

    Hepburn received an Academy Award nomination for the second year running for her work opposite Burt Lancaster in The Rainmaker Again she played a lonely woman empowered by a love affair, and it became apparent that Hepburn had found a niche in playing "love-starved spinsters" that critics and audiences enjoyed.

    It wasn't difficult for me to play those women, because I'm the maiden aunt. Hepburn played a cold-hearted Soviet pilot, a performance Bosley Crowther called "horrible".

    Tracy and Hepburn reunited on screen for the first time in five years for the office-based comedy Desk Set Berg notes that it worked as a hybrid of their earlier romantic-comedy successes and Hepburn's spinster persona, [] but it performed poorly at the box-office.

    Appearing in Stratford, Connecticut , at the American Shakespeare Theatre , she repeated her Portia in The Merchant of Venice and played Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing.

    The shows were positively received. After two years away from the screen, Hepburn starred in a film adaptation of Tennessee Williams ' controversial play Suddenly, Last Summer with Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift.

    The movie was shot in London, and was "a completely miserable experience" for Hepburn. Mankiewicz during filming, which culminated with her spitting at him in disgust.

    She makes dialogue sound better than it is by a matchless beauty and clarity of diction". Hepburn returned to Stratford in the summer of to play Viola in Twelfth Night , and Cleopatra in Antony and Cleopatra.

    The New York Post wrote of her Cleopatra, "Hepburn offers a highly versatile performance It was a low-budget production, and she appeared in the film for a tenth of her established salary.

    It remains one of her most praised performances. Following the completion of Long Day's Journey Into Night , Hepburn took a break in her career to care for ailing Spencer Tracy.

    The movie dealt with the subject of interracial marriage, with Hepburn's niece, Katharine Houghton , playing her daughter.

    Tracy was dying by this point, suffering the effects of heart disease, [] and Houghton later commented that her aunt was "extremely tense" during the production.

    Guess Who's Coming to Dinner was a triumphant return for Hepburn and her most commercially successful picture to that point. Hepburn felt the award was not just for her, but was also given to honor Tracy.

    Hepburn quickly returned to acting after Tracy's death, choosing to preoccupy herself as a remedy against grief.

    Hepburn's next appearance was in The Madwoman of Chaillot , which she filmed in Nice immediately after completing The Lion in Winter. From December to August , Hepburn starred in the Broadway musical Coco , about the life of Coco Chanel.

    She admitted that before the show, she had never sat through a theatrical musical. Hepburn stayed active throughout the s, focusing on roles described by Andrew Britton as "either a devouring mother or a batty old lady living [alone]".

    When asked why she had taken the role, she responded that she wanted to broaden her range and try everything while she still had time.

    In , she signed on to star in an adaptation of Graham Greene 's Travels with My Aunt , but was unhappy with early versions of the script and took to rewriting it herself.

    The studio disliked her changes; so, Hepburn abandoned the project and was replaced with Maggie Smith.

    In , Hepburn ventured into television for the first time, starring in a production of Tennessee Williams' The Glass Menagerie.

    She had been wary of the medium, but it proved to be one of the main television events of the year, scoring high in the Nielsen ratings.

    It received positive reviews and high ratings, and earned Hepburn her only Emmy Award. Hepburn made her only appearance at the Academy Awards in , to present the Irving G.

    Thalberg Memorial Award to Lawrence Weingarten. She received a standing ovation, and joked with the audience, "I'm very happy I didn't hear anyone call out, 'It's about time'.

    Echoing her African Queen character, Hepburn again played a deeply religious spinster who teams up with a masculine loner to avenge a family member's death.

    Its casting was enough to draw some people to the box office, but it did not meet studio expectations and was only moderately successful. In , Hepburn returned to Broadway for a three-month run of Enid Bagnold 's play A Matter of Gravity.

    The role of eccentric Mrs. Basil was deemed a perfect showcase for the actress, [] and the play was popular despite poor reviews.

    The adventure comedy was one of the biggest failures of her career—the screenwriter James Prideaux , who worked with Hepburn, later wrote that it "died at the moment of release" and referred to it as her "lost film".

    It was the last of ten films Hepburn made with George Cukor , and gained her a third Emmy nomination. By the s, Hepburn had developed a noticeable tremor , giving her a permanently shaking head.

    Henry Fonda won his only Academy Award for his role in the movie, the third male screen legend after James Stewart and Humphrey Bogart who won his only Academy Award acting alongside Hepburn.

    Homer Dickens, in his book on Hepburn, notes that it was widely considered a sentimental win, "a tribute to her enduring career".

    Hepburn also returned to the stage in She received a second Tony nomination for her portrayal in The West Side Waltz of a septuagenarian widow with a zest for life.

    Variety observed that the role was "an obvious and entirely acceptable version of [Hepburn's] own public image".

    Katherine Hepburn Katharine Hepburn was born on May 12, in Hartford, Connecticut to a suffragist and a doctor who both always encouraged her to speak her mind, develop it fully, and exercise her body to its full potential. Hepburn was the daughter of a respected Hartford, Connecticut surgeon and suffragist mother. An encouraged scholar and fiercely independent free-thinker from an early age, one childhood summer she. Katharine Hepburn was 13 in the spring of , when her brother Tom’s marked nervousness led Dr. and Mrs. Hepburn to attempt to “divert” him with a five-day trip to New York City in the company of. 79 quotes from Katharine Hepburn: 'If you obey all of the rules, you miss all of the fun.', 'We are taught you must blame your father, your sisters, your brothers, the school, the teachers - but never blame yourself. Katharine Hepburn famously adored her home in Fenwick, a small private community in Old Saybrook, Connecticut. She reportedly once said, "This isn't a dream, it's Fenwick — or is it paradise?" (via Open House TV). Hepburn's estate was owned by the Hepburn family for over a century, until the Old Hollwood star 's death in the early aughts.
    Katherine Hepburn
    Katherine Hepburn


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