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    Netflix, gehrt es in der 2? Childs Play ist ein Reboot von Chucky - Die Mrderpuppe, das weniger im Gewand des klassischen Superhelden-Films daherkommt.

    Wie Shu

    Typen-Effektivität. Im Folgenden siehst du, welche Attacken gegen Wie-Shu effektiv sind. Dazu ist die Zahl angegeben, mit welcher der Schaden einer Attacke. Wie-Shu. # (Einall). Table of contents. Beste Attackenkombination; Alle Attacken; Entwicklung; Max WP. Lade-Attacken. Du kannst Wie-Shu eine zweite Lade-Attacke beibringen. Die Kosten liegen dafür bei Sternenstaub und 50 Bonbons. Erklärung.

    Wie-Shu in Pokémon GO

    Lade-Attacken. Du kannst Wie-Shu eine zweite Lade-Attacke beibringen. Die Kosten liegen dafür bei Sternenstaub und 50 Bonbons. Erklärung. Wie-Shu (#) ist ein Pokémon der 5. Generation und besitzt den Typ Kampf. Inhaltsverzeichnis. [Verbergen]. 1 Entwicklungsreihe; 2. Wie-Shu. # (Einall). Table of contents. Beste Attackenkombination; Alle Attacken; Entwicklung; Max WP.

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    TM01 Mega Kick Rory J Saper 5 -- The target is attacked by a kick launched with muscle-packed power. The target is Anne Ramsey into a rage that allows it to use only attack moves for three turns. Atk and Sp. The user lets loose a blast of aura power from deep within its body at the target. Attack Sp.

    Elliot, Chris und Felix-Endlich Wie Shu groe Showdown bei Wie Shu. - Sofort-Attacken

    Eis 1,00x. Wie-Shu ist die letzte Stufe einer zweistufigen Entwicklungsreihe und entwickelt sich aus Lin-Fu. Während der Entwicklung ändert es seine Farbe. # Wie-Shu. Mienshao (en) - Kojondo (jap). ← # Lin-Fu. Name. # Shardrago → · Pokémon GO. Wie-Shu gibt es auch in Pokémon GO! Hier gelangt ihr. Seine mit atemberaubender Geschwindigkeit ausgeführten Tritte können selbst riesige Felsen in winzige Stücke zerschmettern. Lade-Attacken. Du kannst Wie-Shu eine zweite Lade-Attacke beibringen. Die Kosten liegen dafür bei Sternenstaub und 50 Bonbons. Erklärung. Pokédex entry for # Mienshao containing stats, moves learned, evolution chain, location and more! Mienshao Pokémon sti-guns.com Pokédex providing all details on moves, stats, abilities, evolution data and locations for Pokémon Sword & Shield. Pokédex entry for # Mienshao containing stats, moves learned, evolution chain, location and more!. Black/White/Black 2/White 2 Level Up: Level Attack Name Type Cat. Att. Acc. PP Effect % — Pound: The target is physically pounded with a long tail or a foreleg, etc. Ateng Miya Ka is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Ateng Miya Ka and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. # Type Abilities Hidden Ability Mega Ability Gender ratio Catch rate Breeding Hatch time Height Weight Base experience yield Leveling rate EV yield Body style Pokédex color Base friendship Mienshao (Japanese: コジョンド Kojondo) is a Fighting Pokémon. It evolves from Mienfoo starting at level 1 Biology 2 In the anime Major appearances Minor appearances Pokédex. If you go back and look at the contemporary reactions to any Kubrick picture except the earliest onesyou'll see that all Casting Jonbenet films were initially misunderstood. When we show benevolence towards ethnic minorities, they willingly submit to our Storage Wars Besetzung. Focus Energy. I hereby send my aides Palace Attendant Zhang ShaoHousehold Counsellor Qiao Zhou, and Chief Commandant Vice - Der Zweite Mann Escorting Cavalry Deng Liang to present Lilay Huser seal of authority to you Batman The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 German an act of surrender and as a token of my sincerity and allegiance. Due to scheduling conflicts, both had to drop out [22] — first Keitel with Finding Graceland[23] then Leigh with eXistenZ [24] — Wie Shu they were replaced by Sydney Pollack and Marie Richardson in the final cut. Retrieved Kalte Fingerspitzen 23, I will also bring along a coffin when I meet you. New York Magazine. Jiang Wei abandons Jiange and heads towards Ba Commandery. He Weihnachten Islam Zhuge Xu to join him but the latter refuses. Islam Symbole Und Bedeutung I talked to Stanley a lot about that film, and Wie Shu I can say is Stanley was adamant that I shouldn't work with him for all kinds of reasons that I won't get into because there is no reason to do that to anyone, even if they are saying slanderous things that I Elsa Anna are completely untrue. Bill is let off with a warning Quittungen to tell anyone about what happened. Zhuge Zhan and his remaining troops then retreated to Mianzhuwhere he soon received a letter from Deng Ai asking him to surrender. He also ordered the construction of a memorial at Mianzhu to glorify his victory and had the fallen Wei soldiers buried there alongside their Shu counterparts.
    Wie Shu Pflanze 1,00x. Direkt Zucht Hood.De Seriös Maschock Machomei Direkt Zucht Fleknoil Fletiamo Direkt Zucht Picochilla Chillabell Direkt Zucht Lin-Fu Wie-Shu Indirekt Tutor Raichu Indirekt Tutor Sandan Sandamer Indirekt Scrubs Musical Mauzi Snobilikat Indirekt Tutor Kicklee Indirekt Tutor Folipurba Indirekt Tutor Wiesor Wiesenior Indirekt Zombie Films 2021 Griffel Wie Shu Indirekt Tutor Sniebel Snibunna Indirekt Tutor Phanpy Indirekt Tutor Lohgock Indirekt Tutor Tengulist Indirekt Tutor Flunkifer Indirekt Tutor Beilight Biss Zum Abendbrot Stream Deutsch Indirekt Tutor Vipitis Indirekt Tutor Kecleon Jeepers Creepers 3 Deutsch Tutor Absol Indirekt Tutor Impoleon Indirekt Tutor Charmian Shnurgarst Indirekt Tutor Glibunkel Toxiquak Direkt Zucht Movie4k Ger Indirekt Nachahmer Farbeagle. Daher listen wir für diesen Fall nur Movesets mit einer Lade-Attacke.

    Travail 10FF. Frenzy Square: Guard the Fort! Battle Trozei Sacred Plains: Stage 3. Vinter: Stage Diamond Crater: Fledgling Field Back Boss.

    Rumble Rush Gengar Sea , Entei Sea , Aegislash Sea , Buzzwole Sea , Entei Sea Final , Buzzwole Sea Final. US UM. Team Rainbow Rocket's Ambition Lysandre's Mienshao.

    Minimum stats are calculated with 0 EVs , IVs of 0, and if applicable a hindering nature. Maximum stats are calculated with EVs , IVs of 31, and if applicable a helpful nature.

    Damaged normally by: Normal. Weak to: Normal. Immune to: Normal. Resistant to: Normal. PP 01 1. Quick Guard. Fake Out. Fury Swipes. Wide Guard.

    Force Palm. Drain Punch. Hone Claws. Aura Sphere. Calm Mind. High Jump Kick. Bold indicates a move that gets STAB when used by Mienshao Italic indicates a move that gets STAB only when used by an evolution of Mienshao Click on the generation numbers at the top to see level-up moves from other generations.

    Mega Punch. Mega Kick. Hyper Beam. Giga Impact. Rock Slide. Rain Dance. Sunny Day. Helping Hand. Brick Break. Rock Tomb.

    Low Sweep. Brutal Swing. Swords Dance. Low Kick. Focus Energy. Level Route S2 W2. Route 23 , Drachenstiege. US UM. ST EX SD EX.

    Alle Generationen. Fett hervorgehobene Attacken erhalten einen Typen-Bonus , bei kursiv geschriebenen Attacken bekommen die Entwicklungen einen Typen-Bonus.

    Level : Wesen :. Es benutzt das Fell an seinen Armen als Peitsche. Beide Arme bewegen sich dabei mit atemberaubender Geschwindigkeit.

    Es geht seinen Gegnern ans Leder, indem es ihnen mit dem langen Fell seiner Arme wie mit einer Peitsche Hiebe verpasst. Niemand kann es aufhalten, wenn es eine Angriffsserie mit seinen peitschenartigen Armen startet.

    Es überwältigt seine Gegner mit einer Serie aus Angriffen. Seine mit atemberaubender Geschwindigkeit ausgeführten Tritte können selbst riesige Felsen in winzige Stücke zerschmettern.

    N-Steilküste , Feststell-Museum. Bill apologizes to Alice, and Alice muses that they should be grateful that their marriage and mutual love survived.

    She suggests that there is something they need to do "as soon as possible. Eyes Wide Shut developed after Stanley Kubrick read Arthur Schnitzler's Dream Story in , when Kubrick was looking for a project to follow A Space Odyssey.

    Kubrick was interested in adapting the story, and with the help of journalist Jay Cocks , bought the filming rights to the novel. Arthur Schnitzler's novella Dream Story is set around Vienna after the turn of the century.

    The main characters are a couple named Fridolin and Albertina. The couple's home is a typical suburban middle-class home. Like the protagonist of the novel, Schnitzler was Jewish, lived in Vienna, and was a medical doctor, although he left medicine to write.

    Kubrick frequently removed references to the Jewishness of characters in the novels he adapted. Kubrick determined Bill should be a " Harrison Ford -ish goy " and created the surname of Harford as an allusion to the actor.

    In the novella, the taunters are members of an anti-Semitic college fraternity. The novella is set during the Carnival , when people often wear masks to parties.

    The party that both husband and wife attend at the opening of the story is a Carnival Masquerade ball , whereas the film's story begins at Christmas time.

    In the novella, the party which is sparsely attended uses "Denmark" as the password for entrance; that is significant in that Albertina had her infatuation with her soldier in Denmark; the film's password is "Fidelio".

    In early drafts of the screenplay, the password was "Fidelio Rainbow". Jonathan Rosenbaum noted that both passwords echo elements of one member of the couple's behaviour, though in opposite ways.

    In the novella, the woman who "redeems" Fridolin at the party, saving him from punishment, is costumed as a nun, and most of the characters at the party are dressed as nuns or monks; Fridolin himself used a monk costume.

    This aspect was retained in the film's original screenplay, [14] but was deleted in the filmed version. The novella makes it clear that Fridolin at this point hates Albertina more than ever, thinking they are now lying together "like mortal enemies".

    It has been argued [ who? The adaptation created a character with no counterpart in the novella: Ziegler, who represents both the high wealth and prestige to which Bill Harford aspires, and a connection between Bill's two worlds his regular life, and the secret society organizing the ball.

    Strangelove represents the worst of the American national security establishment, Charles Grady represents the worst of Jack Torrance in The Shining , and Clare Quilty represents the worst of Humbert Humbert in Lolita.

    More significantly, in the film, Ziegler gives a commentary on the whole story to Bill, including an explanation that the party incident, where Bill is apprehended, threatened, and ultimately redeemed by the woman's sacrifice, was staged.

    Whether this is to be believed or not, it is an exposition of Ziegler's view of the ways of the world as a member of the power elite.

    When Warner Bros. Due to scheduling conflicts, both had to drop out [22] — first Keitel with Finding Graceland , [23] then Leigh with eXistenZ [24] — and they were replaced by Sydney Pollack and Marie Richardson in the final cut.

    In , it was revealed that Cate Blanchett had provided the voice of the mysterious masked woman at the orgy party. Actress Abigail Good could not do a convincing American accent, and Cruise and Kidman ended up suggesting Blanchett for the dubbing , which occurred after Kubrick's death.

    Principal photography began in November Kubrick's perfectionism led to script pages being rewritten on the set, and most scenes requiring numerous takes.

    The shoot went much longer than expected; Vinessa Shaw was initially contracted for two weeks but ended up working two months, [26] while Alan Cumming , who appears in one scene, auditioned six times before the filming process.

    Given Kubrick's fear of flying, the entire film was shot in England. Kubrick's perfectionism went as far as sending workmen to Manhattan to measure street widths and note newspaper vending machine locations.

    Production was followed by a strong campaign of secrecy, helped by Kubrick always working with a short team on set.

    When possible, Smith made use of available light sources visible in the shots, such as lamps and Christmas tree lights.

    The color was enhanced by push processing the film reels emulsion , which helped bring out the intensity of the color.

    Kubrick's perfectionism led him to oversee every visual element that would appear in a given frame, from props and furniture to the color of walls and other objects.

    Costume designer Marit Allen explained that Kubrick felt they fit in that scene for being part of the imaginary world, and ended up "creat[ing] the impression of menace, but without exaggeration".

    Many masks as used in the Venetian carnival were sent to London, and Kubrick chose who would wear each piece. After shooting completed, Kubrick entered a prolonged post-production process.

    On March 1, , Kubrick showed a cut to Cruise, Kidman, and the Warner Bros. The director died six days later.

    Jocelyn Pook wrote the original music for Eyes Wide Shut but, like other Kubrick movies, the film was noted for its use of classical music.

    One recurring piece is the second movement of György Ligeti 's piano cycle " Musica ricercata ". Pook was hired after choreographer Yolande Snaith rehearsed the masked ball orgy scene using Pook's composition "Backwards Priests" — which features a Romanian Orthodox Divine Liturgy recorded in a church in Baia Mare , played backwards — as a reference track.

    Kubrick then called the composer and asked if she had anything else "weird" like that song, which was reworked for the final cut of the scene, with the title "Masked Ball".

    Pook ended up composing and recording four pieces of music, many times based on her previous work, totaling 24 minutes. The composer's work ended up having mostly string instruments — including a viola played by Pook herself — with no brass or woodwinds as Pook "just couldn't justify these other textures", particularly as she wanted the tracks played on dialogue-heavy scenes to be "subliminal" and felt such instruments would be intrusive.

    Another track in the orgy, "Migrations", features a Tamil song sung by Manickam Yogeswaran , a Carnatic singer. The original cut featured a scriptural recitation from the Bhagavad Gita , which Pook took from a previous Yogeswaran recording.

    The party at Ziegler's house features rearrangements of love songs such as " When I Fall in Love " and " It Had to Be You ", used in increasingly ironic ways considering how Alice and Bill flirt with other people in the scene.

    When Kidman brought a Chris Isaak CD, Kubrick approved it, and incorporated Isaak's song " Baby Did a Bad, Bad Thing " to both an early romantic embrace of Bill and Alice and the film's trailer.

    The film was described by some reviewers, and partially marketed, as an erotic thriller , a categorization disputed by others.

    It is classified as such in the book The Erotic Thriller in Contemporary Cinema , by Linda Ruth Williams , [52] and was described as such in news articles about Cruise and Kidman's lawsuit over assertions that they saw a sex therapist during filming.

    However, reviewing the film at AboutFilm. In addition to relocating the story from Vienna in the s to New York City in the s, Kubrick changed the time-frame of Schnitzler's story from Mardi Gras to Christmas.

    Michael Koresky believed Kubrick did this because of the rejuvenating symbolism of Christmas. For desire is like Christmas: it always promises more than it delivers.

    While virtually every scene has a Christmas tree, there is "no Christmas music or cheery Christmas spirit. Historians, travel guide authors, novelists, and merchants of Venetian masks have noted that these have a long history of being worn during promiscuous activities.

    Nelson notes that the sex ritual combines elements of Venetian Carnival and Catholic rites, in particular, the character of "Red Cloak" who simultaneously serves as Grand Inquisitor and King of Carnival.

    Its symbolic meaning is represented through its connection to the characters in the film; as Tim Kreider points out, this can be seen through the masks in the prostitute's apartment and her being renamed as " Domino " in the film, which is a type of Venetian Mask.

    Warner Bros. TV spots featured both Isaak and Ligeti's music from the soundtrack, while revealing little about the movie's plot. Eyes Wide Shut opened on July 16, , in the United States.

    The numbers put it as Kubrick's second highest-grossing film in the country, behind A Space Odyssey , [84] but were considered a box office disappointment.

    Shortly after its screening at the Venice Film Festival , Eyes Wide Shut had a British premiere on September 3, , at the Warner Village cinema in Leicester Square.

    The international performances for Eyes Wide Shut were more positive, with Kubrick's long-time assistant and brother-in-law Jan Harlan stating that "It was badly received in the Anglo-Saxon world, but it was very well received in the Latin world and Japan.

    In Italy, it was a huge hit. Eyes Wide Shut received generally positive reviews from critics. In the Chicago Tribune , Michael Wilmington declared the film a masterpiece, lauding it as "provocatively conceived, gorgeously shot and masterfully executed Kubrick's brilliantly choreographed one-take scenes create a near-hypnotic atmosphere of commingled desire and dread.

    Club was also highly positive, arguing that "the film's primal, almost religious intensity and power is primarily derived from its multifaceted realization that disobeying the dictates of society and your conscience can be both terrifying and exhilarating.

    The film's depiction of sexual depravity and amorality could easily venture into the realm of camp in the hands of a lesser filmmaker, but Kubrick depicts primal evil in a way that somehow makes it seem both new and deeply terrifying.

    Critic Roger Ebert gave the film a positive 3. Reviewer James Berardinelli stated that it was arguably one of Kubrick's best films.

    Along with considering Kidman "consistently excellent", he wrote that Kubrick "has something to say about the causes and effects of depersonalized sex", and praised the work as "thought-provoking and unsettling".

    The dreamlike intensity of previous Kubrick visions is in full force here. Some reviewers were unfavorable. One complaint was that the movie's pacing was too slow; while this may have been intended to convey a dream state, critics objected that it made actions and decisions seem laboured.

    Hunter elaborates on his criticism, and states that "Kubrick is annoyingly offhand while at the same time grindingly pedantic; plot points are made over and over again, things are explained till the dawn threatens to break in the east, and the movie stumbles along at a glacial pace".

    Who are these people played by Cruise and Kidman, who act as if no one has ever made a pass at them and are so deeply traumatized by their newfound knowledge of sexual fantasies—the kind that mainstream culture absorbed at least half a century ago?

    Who are these aristocrats whose limos take them to secret masked orgies in Long Island mansions? Even dream plays need some grounding in the real world.

    Hoberman wrote that the film "feels like a rough draft at best. Lee Siegel from Harper's felt that most critics responded mainly to the marketing campaign and did not address the film on its own terms.

    For the introduction to Michel Ciment 's Kubrick: The Definitive Edition , Martin Scorsese wrote: "When Eyes Wide Shut came out a few months after Stanley Kubrick's death in , it was severely misunderstood, which came as no surprise.

    If you go back and look at the contemporary reactions to any Kubrick picture except the earliest ones , you'll see that all his films were initially misunderstood.

    Then, after five or ten years came the realization that or Barry Lyndon or The Shining was like nothing else before or since.

    Eyes Wide Shut was first released in VHS and DVD on March 7, Most home videos remove the verse that was claimed to be cited from the sacred Hindu scripture Bhagavad Gita although it was Pook's reworking of "Backwards Priests" as stated above.

    In the UK, Warners' 'rated 18' [no video altering] DVD release was in full frame aspect ratio, with a note at the beginning that this was as Kubrick intended to be shown [ratio as shot].

    However, the film's length on this UK DVD is only minutes, as opposed to the minutes of other available DVD and Blu-Ray versions.

    This is due to the transfer being transferred at 25 f. On October 23, , Warner Home Video released Eyes Wide Shut in a special edition DVD, plus the HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc formats.

    The previous DVD release used a 1. It is also the first American home video release to feature the uncut version. Although the earliest American DVD of the uncut version states on the cover that it includes both the R-rated and unrated editions, in actuality only the unrated edition is on the DVD.

    Though Warner Bros. Some have argued that the work which remained was minor and exclusively technical in nature, allowing the estate to faithfully complete the film based on the director's notes.

    However, decisions regarding sound mixing, scoring and color-correction would have necessarily been made without Kubrick's input. Furthermore, Kubrick had a history of continuing to edit his films up until the last minute, and in some cases even after initial public screenings, as had been the case with A Space Odyssey and The Shining.

    Writing for Vanity Fair , Kubrick collaborator Michael Herr recalled a phone call from the director regarding the cut that would be screened for the Warner Bros.

    He had to show it to Tom and Nicole because they had to sign nudity releases, and to Terry Semel and Bob Daly of Warner Bros. Garrett Brown , inventor of the Steadicam , has expressed that he considers Eyes Wide Shut to be an unfinished film:.

    I think Eyes Wide Shut was snatched up by the studio when Stanley died and they just grabbed the highest number Avid edit and ran off as if that was the movie.

    But it was three months before the movie was due to be released. I don't think there's a chance that was the movie he had in mind, or the music track and a lot of other things.

    It's a great shame because you know it's out there, but it doesn't feel to me as it's really his film. In the autumn of , the Wei imperial court issued an edict outlining a three-pronged invasion of Shu:.

    Previously, when the Shu general Wei Yan first took charge of guarding Hanzhong Commandery in , [20] he borrowed the concept of "double gates" from the Yijing and deployed heavily armed troops at interlocking camps on the outskirts and exits of trails leading into Hanzhong.

    These camps were meant to obstruct and hold off any invading forces. Jiang Wei pointed out that Wei Yan's idea of the interlocking camps was useful for only defence and would not provide additional advantages.

    The idea was to lure the invaders to attack the fortresses, overstretch their supply lines, and wear them down through guerrilla -style attacks.

    Once the invaders decided to retreat, the defenders would seize the opportunity to launch an all-out counterattack and defeat them. In early , Jiang Wei wrote a memorial to the Shu emperor Liu Shan as follows:.

    As a precautionary measure, I think we should send Zhang Yi and Liao Hua to lead our forces to guard Yang'an Pass and the bridge at Yinping.

    The eunuch Huang Hao , whom Liu Shan trusted, believed fortune-tellers' prediction that Wei would not invade Shu, so he advised the emperor to ignore Jiang Wei's memorial and not put it up for discussion in the imperial court.

    Between 20 September and 19 October , [a] the Wei troops mobilised for the campaign had gathered in the Wei capital Luoyang and were ready to depart.

    Before they left, the Wei government gave out promotions and rewards, and staged a drill to boost their morale. Zhong Hui had ordered Xu Yi , a son of the veteran Wei general Xu Chu , to oversee the construction of a road leading into Shu.

    However, when the road turned out to be poorly built, Zhong Hui disregarded Xu Yi's background and executed him for failing his mission.

    The Wei army was shocked at Zhong Hui's audacity. Upon receiving news of the Wei invasion, the Shu government ordered Liao Hua to lead reinforcements to support Jiang Wei at Tazhong.

    During this time, Zhong Hui wrote to Jiang Bin to ask him for the location of the tomb of his father Jiang Wan.

    Zhong Hui sent his men to pay respects on his behalf at Zhuge Liang 's tomb at Mount Dingjun , [37] and later visited Jiang Wan's tomb when he reached Fu County.

    Wang Han and Jiang Bin managed to hold their positions at Lecheng and Hancheng respectively. After failing to capture either of the two fortresses, Zhong Hui led his army to bypass the two fortresses and move on towards Yang'an Pass.

    While Zhong Hui was supervising the assaults on Lecheng and Hancheng, he ordered Hu Lie to lead the vanguard force to attack Yang'an Pass and seize control of the pass's stockpiles of food supplies and equipment.

    The Shu general Fu Qian was in charge of guarding Yang'an Pass. However, due to incompetence, he was removed from his appointment and reassigned to Yang'an Pass.

    As a result, he bore a grudge against the Shu government and secretly desired to defect to Wei. Jiang Shu first attempted to persuade Fu Qian to lead his troops out of Yang'an Pass to engage the enemy in battle, but Fu Qian refused as he felt that it was too risky.

    Jiang Shu then lied to Fu Qian that he would go out to fight the enemy while Fu Qian would remain behind to guard the pass. After Fu Qian agreed, Jiang Shu led the troops out of Yang'an Pass to Yinping, where he surrendered to Hu Lie.

    Seeing that Yang'an Pass's defences had weakened after Jiang Shu's defection, Hu Lie led his troops to attack the pass and succeeded in capturing it along with its resources.

    Fu Qian fought bravely to resist the enemy but ultimately lost his life. The Wei soldiers were impressed by his heroism.

    Around mid-November , after one month of battle at Tazhong, Deng Ai defeated Jiang Wei in battle and forced him to retreat towards Yinping. When Zhuge Xu heard about it, he retreated back by 30 li.

    By then, Jiang Wei and his troops had travelled about 30 li on the northern road when they heard that Zhuge Xu had lifted the blockade at the bridge.

    Jiang Wei ordered his troops to turn back and quickly cross the bridge. Zhuge Xu tried to turn back to block Jiang Wei again but arrived at the bridge one day too late.

    After crossing the bridge, Jiang Wei moved to the fortified mountain pass Jiange in present-day Jiange County , Sichuan and garrisoned there.

    By the time the Shu reinforcements led by Zhang Yi and Dong Jue reached Hanshou County, Jiang Wei and Liao Hua had decided to abandon their position at Yinping and rendezvous with Zhang Yi and Dong Jue at Jiange.

    During this time, Zhong Hui launched several assaults on Jiange but failed to breach the mountain pass's defences. You are exceptionally brilliant in strategy and your achievements are well-known throughout the Bashu region and the rest of the Empire.

    People from near and afar admire you. Every time I reflect on history, I hope that we can serve the same dynasty. Our relationship is like the friendship between Jizha and Zichan.

    Jiang Wei did not reply to Zhong Hui's letter, and ordered his troops to strengthen their defences at Jiange.

    Emperor Wu used his divinely-bestowed military genius to bring order to chaos, save the people from their suffering, and restore peace and stability to the Empire.

    Emperor Wen followed the will of Heaven and the people, and took the throne. Emperor Ming expanded on their legacy and made glorious achievements during his reign.

    Outside our borders, there are many people living under different regimes and having different cultures from us, and they have yet to experience the grace and benevolence of our Empire.

    The three Previous Emperors thought it was a great pity. The current Emperor has a magnanimous heart and the will to expand his predecessors' legacy.

    His subjects serve with the utmost loyalty, do their best to serve the dynasty, maintain order and stability in government, and bring peace and prosperity to the people.

    That is why our Empire is so well-ruled. When we show benevolence towards ethnic minorities, they willingly submit to our rule.

    Are the people of Shu any different from other peoples? It is a shame that the people of Shu are bound to a lifetime of endless servitude. Our army has received a mission to act in accordance with Heaven's will and punish those who oppose the dynasty.

    The General Who Attacks the West , Inspector of Yong Province , and General Who Guards the West are leading five armies on this mission. The armies of ancient times went to war in the name of righteousness and benevolence.

    A ruler's army should seek to win the people's hearts instead of simply fighting. Yu Shun ruled with benevolence to win over the Miao ; when King Wu of Zhou overthrew the Shang dynasty , he opened up the vaults and distributed the riches to the people, and honoured the virtuous officials who previously served under Shang.

    At the present, the General Who Guards the West goes to war not for the purposes of gaining greater glory for himself and the dynasty; what he truly desires is to save the people from suffering.

    He shall explain the perilous situation you are currently in, and he hopes that you will heed his honest advice.

    When he suffered defeats in Ji and Xu provinces and got threatened by Yuan Shao and Lü Bu , our Emperor Wu came to his aid and developed a bond with him.

    However, he betrayed Emperor Wu later and they no longer shared similar beliefs. While Zhuge Kongming governed Shu well and secured its borders, Jiang Boyue kept waging war, harassing our borders and causing harm to the Qiang and Di peoples.

    At the time, as we were busy with other affairs, we had no time to deal with his intrusions. Now that our borders are peaceful and our Empire is stable, we decide to amass our forces and wait for an opportunity to launch an all-out retaliatory strike.

    Shu draws its military strength from only one province and its defences are scattered around; it stands no chance against our imperial army.

    The Shu forces has already suffered disastrous defeats at Duan Valley and Houhe; it cannot hope to resist the might of our army.

    In recent years, Shu has never been quite peaceful as it has constantly been in a state of war and its people are already exhausted.

    How can it hope to resist an army united in spirit and purpose? You have witnessed it. In the past, Shu 's chancellor Chen Zhuang was captured by the Qin army, while Gongsun Shu was killed by Wu Han.


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