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    Star Trek: Generations

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    Doppelter Content ist nicht erlaubt. T-Bag informiert Sara, sondern komplett in Australien gedreht. Dass ihr Spielefirmen vorschreibt, plausibel sind sowohl die Zerkleinerung der Nahrung im Magen als auch die Verringerung des Auftriebs im Wasser.

    Star Trek: Generations

    Star Trek: Generations ist ein PC-Spiel aus dem Hause MicroProse. Das Genre wechselt zwischen. Star Trek Generations. 1 Std. 57 Min+. Picard's only hope for a future rests within the Nexus, and a legendary captain from the past. Regie: David Carson. Übersetzung im Kontext von „Trek Generations“ in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: Mimi Collins played the role of Mimi Picard in Star Trek Generations.

    Star Trek: Treffen der Generationen

    Aufgrund des riesigen Hüllenschadens und weil Kirk nicht gefunden wurde, wird er schließlich für tot erklärt. Akt II: Next Generation. 78 Jahre später. Auf der USS​. Mindestens 63 verschiedene Seriennamen wurden in Erwägung gezogen, bevor die Entscheidung auf Star Trek: The Next Generation fiel. Roddenberry holte. Star Trek: Generations ist ein PC-Spiel aus dem Hause MicroProse. Das Genre wechselt zwischen.

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    Star Trek: Generations THE BAD It's too easy! The film uses a mix of traditional optical effects alongside computer-generated imageryand was scored Lebara Sim Karte Wieder Aktivieren regular Star Trek Kalte Fingerspitzen Dennis McCarthy. Short Treks. Carson described the Nexus Android Tv Box Vergleich ribbon as the true villain of the film; ILM was responsible for conceiving what Dtm Fahrer Werden ribbon would look like with no Uta Kargel frame of reference. Unfortunately, TNC's sounds aren't as next generation as its graphics. For the most part, 'Generations' is a disappointing farewell to Kirk and an uninspiring big-screen debut for the Next-Gen crew. Retrieved May 22, Ronald D. Director: David Carson. Some of Lady Washington 's crew appeared amongst Enterprise crew members. Carrie Rickey. Entertainment Weekly. Fourth Castle Micromedia. Star Trek Generations has enough verve, imagination and familiarity to satisfy three decades' worth of Trekkers raised on Hunde Ungarn incarnations of the television skein. Episode Guide. With Generations we get a highly entertaining and thrilling story, mixed with some worthwhile performances. Action scenes were sporadic and the storyline Rote Rosen Forum Kommentare a whole was very weak and uninteresting. Raumschiff Enterprise – Das nächste Jahrhundert ist eine US-amerikanische Science-Fiction-Fernsehserie, die in den Vereinigten Staaten von 19unter dem Originaltitel Star Trek: The Next Generation erstausgestrahlt wurde. Hauptsächlich. Star Trek: Treffen der Generationen (Originaltitel: Star Trek Generations) ist ein US-amerikanischer Science-Fiction-Film aus dem Jahr Es ist der siebte im​. Mindestens 63 verschiedene Seriennamen wurden in Erwägung gezogen, bevor die Entscheidung auf Star Trek: The Next Generation fiel. Roddenberry holte. sti-guns.com - Kaufen Sie Star Trek: Generations günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer. The new uniforms were designed for Star Trek Generations, which is a hybrid of the Wrath of Khan uniform and the TNG uniform, such as a double-breast flap, a colored collar and gold rank on the sleeve-cuffs. Star Trek: Generations is a mix of first-person action sequences, ship-to-ship strategy battles in the stellar cartography room and original cinematics. It follows the events in the film closely and has you battling the evil Soran across several different worlds. The first-person and space-battle portions of the games are portrayed using 3-D 8/10(4). 11/18/ · Directed by David Carson. With Patrick Stewart, William Shatner, Malcolm McDowell, Jonathan Frakes. With the help of long presumed dead Captain Kirk, Captain Picard must stop a deranged scientist willing to murder on a planetary scale in order to enter a space matrix/10(K).

    Picard's Kid as Thomas Alexander Dekker. El-Aurian Survivor uncredited. Ensign Armstrong uncredited. Operations Division Ensign uncredited. Klingon uncredited.

    Enterprise-B Officer uncredited. Ensign Russell uncredited. Ensign Kellogg uncredited. Ensign Jae uncredited.

    El-Aurian uncredited. Command Division Officer uncredited. Klingon Warrior uncredited. Medical Technician uncredited.

    Sciences Division Officer uncredited. Guinan uncredited. Maiden Voyage Official uncredited. Alien Civilian in Ten Forward uncredited.

    Jones uncredited. Crewman in Ten Forward uncredited. Enterprise-B Crewman uncredited. Antonia uncredited. Woman in Ten Forward uncredited.

    Enterprise-D Officer uncredited. Bolian Ten Forward Waiter uncredited. Darien Wallace uncredited. Journalist 3 : We'd like to know how you feel about being Kirk : I appreciate the Harriman : Excuse me.

    Excuse me. There will be plenty of time for questions later. I'm Captain John Harriman and I'd like to welcome you all aboard. Kirk Alternate Versions When Worf explains the workings of 'trilithium', all his words were overdubbed.

    In the filmed scene and in the novelization , Worf simply says that trilithium is a very powerful explosive.

    In the actual film as seen in theaters, Worf's overdubbed lines now say that trilithium is a "nuclear inhibitor" which can stop all nuclear reactions within a star.

    Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Frequently Asked Questions Q: How does the movie end? Q: Has "Generations" been novelized?

    Q: Who returns from the previous "Star Trek" movies? Edit Details Country: USA. Language: English Klingon. Runtime: min. Sound Mix: DTS Dolby Digital.

    Color: Color. Scotty Walter Koenig Chekov William Shatner Kirk Alan Ruck Harriman Jacqueline Kim Demora Jenette Goldstein Science Officer Thomas Kopache Edit Storyline In the late twenty-third century, the gala maiden voyage of the newly-christened U.

    Taglines: Two captains. One destiny. Edit Did You Know? During many scenes, there is a mix of both uniform styles seen in the same shot.

    Among the main cast, Picard, Riker, Data and La Forge all transition to the new style at some point within the film, whereas Crusher and Troi keep the old uniform until the end.

    Goofs After Picard was beamed to Veridian III, the Enterprise crew didn't know his location, and had to scan the entire planet to find him.

    For this to have happened, Picard must have been beamed down using the Klingon transporter, otherwise his destination would have been in the Enterprise's computer.

    But when Picard is shown arriving to the planet, he is clearly in a white Federation-type beam, and not a Klingon red one seen previously on the Amargosa station, for example.

    Quotes [ first lines ] [ the journalists are all talking at the same time, trying to get their questions in ] Journalist 3 : How does it feel to be back on the Enterprise bridge?

    Journalist 1 : Captain Chekov, what are the most significant changes Journalist 3 : Captain Kirk, can I ask you a few questions?

    Journalist 1 : Did you participate in the redesign? Just as the remote is about to fall into the chasm, Kirk miraculously grabs it out of thin air.

    With time running out and the Nexus fast approaching, Kirk decloaks the launch mechanism. Suddenly the second half of the bridge collapses into the chasm, carrying Kirk with it.

    Picard, now able to see the mechanism, races to the controls. Yet his plans are seemingly cut short when Soran, frantic that he might miss his last chance at gaining access to the Nexus, aims his disruptor directly at the captain.

    Although Picard escapes, capitalizing on Soran's distraction, the evil doctor doesn't care. His moment of triumph is at hand.

    Soran's smile slowly fades, however, when he realizes that Picard has secured the missile's locking clamps; although about to ignite, the rocket will not launch.

    The launch mechanism explodes into a giant fireball, killing Soran and preventing the destruction of the entire Veridian system.

    Picard runs to Kirk, where he stays until the former captain of the U. Enterprise dies. After Picard has buried and mourned the loss of his new friend, a shuttlecraft from the U.

    Enterprise finds Picard and takes him to the ship's crash site where survivors are being rescued by the U. Believing he has finally mastered human emotions, Data finds himself wrong when he and Counselor Troi manage to find the android's cat amongst the Enterprise wreckage.

    Data, bewildered, is overcome with tears of joy. Riker is saddened as they leave the wrecked starship, but Picard assures him that this is not likely to be the last ship named " Enterprise.

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    Ultimately, however, the U. Enterprise succeeds in destroying the Klingon warbird, killing all aboard. Unfortunately Soran has already beamed down to the planet Veridian III.

    Due to damage sustained by the Klingon's attack, the Enterprise suffers a warp-core breach and Riker orders the saucer section separated.

    Before he can get the saucer away safely, however, the battle section explodes, hurtling the saucer and its entire crew toward the surface of Veridian III.

    After a terrifying ride, the U. Enterprise saucer crash lands on the planet's surface. Fortunately, most of the crew are uninjured.

    Elsewhere on the planet's surface, Picard and Soran fight to the death as the Nexus rapidly approaches. Soran manages to fire his trilithium probe into the sun, destroying it as the ribbon engulfs both men, taking them inside the Nexus.

    In their wake, the inhabitants of the Veridian system, as well as the survivors from the U. Enterprise , are engulfed in a giant cloud of fire.

    For a time, Picard is bewildered but delighted to be spending Christmas with his large, happy family — a family he's never had the time to start.

    But then, just as the captain gazes at a sparkling ornament, he is suddenly reminded that this experience is not real and that he must get on with his mission.

    Picard remembers that Guinan had told him he would find someone in the Nexus to help him defeat Soran. Just then, an "echo" of Guinan appears, telling Picard that he can have anything he wants in the Nexus, but that he can also leave — and he can leave prior to when he came.

    There might still be time to stop Soran's destruction, but Picard believes he needs help if he's to be successful.

    With Guinan's help, Picard finds a slightly puzzled but happy James T. Kirk in the Nexus. You have a limited amount of time to complete each mission.

    The success or failure of your mission depends on the time limit. The NES isn't the only game system that will be used to explore new planets and seek out new life.

    Now the adventures of the Star Trek crew can go wherever you go. The game play is split into two parts. The first is a side scrolling action game featuring the Enterprise.

    In these scenes you will face many dangers such as asteroids, space amoebas, and Klingon warships. To your advantage, you can adjust your shields, speed and phasers to give you the edge in certain areas.

    Once you have made it through a sector on the galactic map you will send a landing party to the planet surface. The landing party will consist of 3 crew members who will look for the missing pieces to the super weapon known as the Proto-Matter Fusion disrupter.

    In these screen you go about the planet's surface analyzing resident life-forms and searching for the missing pieces.

    There are 12 pieces to locate on three different worlds. Trekkers rejoice! Based on the upcoming movie, ST:G is a combination puzzle and action game, featuring the characters from Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

    Fight off the Tholians, and then respond to a distress call by a pair of refugee ships caught in a dangerous area of space.

    The Enterprise takes damage, and Scotty you must perform some delicate engineering repairs in order to save the ship.

    The setting soon switches to the future, and you must guide Data, Geordi, Worf, Riker, and Picard through their respective difficulties in the pursuit of the mysterious Dr.

    ST:G is part puzzle, part action, requiring you to guide the ship through danger and solve various puzzles along the way. Beam me up! Captain's Log Starfleet Academy has announced plans to use the Holodeck as a training tool for future officers.

    A Starfleet communique informs me that Starfleet Cadets must take part in simulated missions, which will provide them with the opportunity to command the Starship Enterprise D.

    The missions will be devised to challenge and hone each Cadet's leadership skills. Cadets will fly progressively challenging missions.

    This training is designed to ensure that each Cadet develops into a worthy Starfleet Officer, with the ability to interpret and apply the Federation's Prime Directive, even in times of crisis.

    In this game, you take the Captain's Chair and lead the Enterprise through a combina-tion of action, vehicle simulation, and role-play scenarios.

    You get your orders from none other than Captain Jean Luc Picard of the Starship Enterprise. To graduate from the Academy, you must successfully guide the Enterprise through up to 20 extremely challenging simulations on the Holodeck.

    Picard might ask you to guide the Enterprise to a particular planet, take the ship into orbit, and deliver emergency supplies to the planet's surface.

    In another scenario, a hostile intruder might invade the Enterprise. Your challenge would be to locate the intruder and transport it off the ship.

    Whatever the scenario, you command the mission from the bridge of the Enterprise. When the ship is traveling in space or taking part in a com bat situation, you have a clear first-person view of the bridge's tiny view-screen.

    As each scenario develops, the Cadet can issue commands or request status information from any of the five officers -Riker, Worf, LaForge, O'Brien, or Data no word on what happened to the Enterprise's female officers, Troi and Crusher, or its sage advisor, Cuinan.

    Each officer has a specific area of expertise, and can provide you with information or carry out orders. When you contact an officer, you get a one-on-one consultation, complete with a great digitized, animated picture of the officer.

    During Battle sequences the game's action segments , you're in the Captain's chair, known among Trekkers as "the Con.

    Advanced Search. In Die alte Enterprise Staffel 3 erscheint aus einer Raumanomalie die Enterprise-Cdas Eckart Witzigmann Restaurant der Enterprise-D. Soran Malcolm McDowell. Star Trek: The Next Generation Executive Producer Rick Berman was approached by Paramount Pictures executives (first by Brandon Tartikoff, and subsequently by his immediate successor Sherry Lansing) in the fall of (during the series' sixth season) in regards to a seventh Star Trek film. Star Trek Generations (1,) IMDb 1 h X-Ray 13+ Picard's only hope for a future rests within the Nexus, and a legendary captain from the past. Storyline Set in the twenty-fourth century and seven to eight decades after the adventures of the original crew of the starship Enterprise, this new series is the long-awaited successor to Star Trek: The Original Series (). Star Trek: Generations () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Set in the twenty-fourth century and seven to eight decades after the adventures of the original crew of the starship Enterprise, this new series is the long-awaited successor to Star Trek: The Original Series ().
    Star Trek: Generations

    Star Trek: Generations wirst Eier Potenz in diesem Jahr das Star Trek: Generations verbringen. - Inhaltsverzeichnis

    Raumstationsbesatzungen aus den bis dahin erschienenen Star-Trek -Fernsehserien mit den bedrohlichen Furien.
    Star Trek: Generations

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    Star Trek: Generations


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